About Livingston BID

Our Mission

The Livingston Community Partnership Management Corporation (BID) is dedicated to promoting Livingston’s business districts as a preferred commercial destination. The LCP is committed to strengthening the Business Improvement District as the center of community life. This includes improving the District’s economic viability by supporting existing businesses and encouraging the establishment of new enterprises and marketing activities that complement existing stores and services. The LCP will focus on making Downtown Livingston a safer, cleaner and more attractive pedestrian environment in order to serve the needs of local residents and to attract new shoppers and visitors from throughout the region. The LCP was created by a group of dedicated Livingston business people and residents who love where they work and live and wanted to see Livingston continue to thrive in changing times. A strictly volunteer organization, these hard working visionaries donate their time, talent and service to keep Livingston business healthy and growing and make sure the Livingston business area continues to invest in itself and its future.

Board Meeting Information

BID Board Meetings are held on the Fourth Thursday
of every month at 8:00am

BID Board Meeting, May 23, 2024, 8:00am, via Zoom

Founded: 1999
Annual Assessment: $365.086.30
Livingston Community Partnership

Board of Trustees 2024

Peter Schofel
Eastman Companies

Chari Roth
Chari Amster
Vice Chair

Lori Kaufman
Greenfield & Kaufman

Al Anthony
Township Council Liaison
Board of Trustee

Ellie Cohen
Board of Trustee

Ofen Friedman
B & Z Opticians
Board of Trustee


Anthony Marra
Tony Boys Sandwich House
Board of Trustee

Jan Press
Jan Press/Photomedia
Board of Trustee

Jeffery Rosenblum
Board of Trustee

Ryan Tiger
Punia Companies
Board of Trustee

Ron Weiss
Weiss Design Group
Architectural Review Committee Chair

Advisory Board 2024

Hayden Tiger
Punia Companies

Punam Bhargava
Berkshire Hathaway